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Mezcasiarca Tepextate

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Maestro Mezcalero - Insitu Team - Yeguesia 
State of Production - Oaxaca México 
Community - Yeguesia 
Variety of Agave - Maguey Tepextate / Agave Marmorata 
Cooking Method - Roasted with White oak in an underground stone-lined oven
Milling Technique - Hand crushed with wooden mallets 
Fermentation - in oak wood tubs 
Number of Times Distilled - 2 times distilled in Clay 
Still Type - Clay still 
Aging / Resting NA 
ABV 45.75° Adjusted with heads and water 
Lote 2021 Liters available 215 lt. 

This mezcal captured the still winter flavors of the season in which it was distilled (January 2021). With longer fermentation times that works in favor of Strong mineral and vegetable odors are the preamble to intense fresh flavors that predominate in the geographical area where it was created. Sweet flavors prevail, long notes of pleasant green grass.

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