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Mezcasiarca Pechuga de Miel y Rosas

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Maestro Mezcalero Insitu Team - Yeguesia 
State of Production - Oaxaca México 
Community Yeguesia 
Variety of Agave - Maguey Espadin / Agave Angustifolia 
Cooking Method - Roasted with White oak in an underground stone-lined oven
Milling Technique - Hand crushed with wooden mallets 
Fermentation - in oak wood tubs 
Number of Times Distilled - 2 times distilled in Clay 
Still Type - Clay still 
Aging / Resting NA 
ABV 52.34° Adjusted with heads and water 
Lote 2020 Liters available 400 lt. 



The Mezcal de Pechuga is a mezcal that is made to order, to drink during a special celebration. This process consists of suspending inside the distillation pot, a cotton canvas bag with fruits from the local markets and this can include apple, pear, raisins, guava, pineapple, castilla banana, cinnamon and a turkey breast or Creole chicken. Each distillery has its own recipe. The mezcal vapors pass through these ingredients with the sole purpose of flavoring the mezcal, this drink will be enjoyed during the fiesta, which in Oaxaca usually lasts between three to five days. 

Mezcaciarca, presents a Mezcal de Pechuga distilled in February 2020, just before the pandemic. Created for the celebration of a wedding that some dear friends were planning to have in Oaxaca that year.. 

The idea of using different ingredients arose from the inspiration and raw materials gathered on a previous personal trip to Morocco, where I was visiting a market, finding a similarity between the roses from that place and the roses from Castilla that my grandmother had in her garden. And it was decided to round off the flavors with honey and turkey breast. This Mezcal was named “Pechuga del Amor”. 

This wedding did not take place in Oaxaca due to the pandemic, but the mezcal survived as a testament to the love and devotion that the couple showed to each other.

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